If you are like me…you probably LOVE food, but cooking or figuring out the sea of ingredients and health blogs is overwhelming and confusing. So what ARE you supposed to eat? Are alot of popular diets going to help me long term? Everyone is different, but if you learn what to eat and what makes your body the best it can be…that is what you should do for the rest of your life. Diets aren’t meant to be just a month or two…and I think the 2 options below are what I call “lifestyle diets”

1. For the past 2 months I have been on the paleo diet and I can tell you, its not easy for everyone. If you are looking for a way to get healthy and shed some pounds..its a GREAT challenge. Once you get in the habit, and you see how much energy you feel it makes choosing healthier options a lot easier.

To learn more about how to live paleo [and make some delicious food] visit these sites:

The explanation and “rules”¬†

A great rescource for recipes 

2 week meal plan [no planning required!] 


2. The other thing, that is ALOT easier is called “Clean Eating” which basically removes any processed food, sugar, and NON whole grains from your diet. I found this website gives a great explanation and has a ton of amazing and EASY recipes. Most of them don’t have alot of ingredients needed either.

The Gracious Pantry

These are things that I have done that I realized had a big difference in how I feel and look. What are some diets or eating plans that have worked for you?

If you are a runner, bicyclist, or athlete sometimes you rely more on grains and sugar than the average person. Here are a few articles to learn how to modify these eating styles to suite you.

Easy Paleo Swaps for Runners

Cliff Notes from “The Paleo Diet for Athletes”

Guide to Clean Eating for Tri-athletes [and any athlete]