Hi! My name is Tere Zacher and I am a professional runner. I am pre-qualified to compete in the marathon at the Olympic Games in 2016 (Rio de Janeiro). I have been an athlete most of my life, in fact, I was a swimming world champion in 1998. I switched the pool for the road around three years ago and, even though I was able to compete at a high level right away, it came with a cost: injury. Being a runner puts more stress on the body than swimming and when you are as eager as I am (or impatient) to run more and run faster, it can take a bog toll on your body. I went to see many doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, and I had either the same response (“it seems fine”) to no response (“I don’t know what you really have”). I became very frustrated since I was not able to train until someone recommended Arizona Pain Specialists. Since the moment I crossed the door everyone was nice and friendly but, what really hooked me up to this place, was the commitment of the doctors to find what was bothering me. They seem to be as eager as I was to find the real cause of my pain… And they did! a couple of weeks and visits later I was back running 85 plus miles/week with no pain at all. I love this place!… and it gets better: I am now a part of Arizona Pain Specialists as a sponsored athlete and I have the opportunity to give back.

I once heard “a healthy mind lives in a healthy body” and I truly believe it. Being fit and healthy should be a priority for all of us, not for vanity or exclusively to try to look better (nothing wrong with that), but because of the way how it  makes us feel.

I know not every person is interested in becoming an Olympic Athlete, but I do know some of us could learn some new ways to stay fit, to be healthier, and to find the joy of doing it… It really is fun!!!

So, from now on I will have the honor to host a fitness/health activity that will rotate between the clinics.  Our first “event” is a meet and greet at each clinic and I heard  lunch will be served 🙂 The dates are the following:

Scottsdale AND Mountain View – April 16th  [Scottsdale from 11-12 and Mountain View from 12-1]

Glendale – April 18th from 11-12

Chandler – April 23 from 11-12

Looking  forward to seeing you there!